Continuous Equipment Assistance Plans

Our team offers various types of plans, training and support to help ensure your industrial printing equipment maintains its operational excellence and creates high-quality products.

ITNH Icons_final Extended Service Plans

ITNH offers a full gamut of extended service options to ensure the right fit for your business. Some of our more popular options include basic telephone support and remote support programs, to parts-only programs all the way to full service programs.

ITNH Icons_final Application Training

All of our equipment packages come with onsite installation and training. Many of our customers experience personnel turnover, decide to add new products or delve into advanced applications and prefer to have an experienced guide to help them along the way. Whatever the case may be we’re always here to help.

ITNH Icons_final Color Management Support

We partner with the best manufacturers in their respective industries and with that engineering excellence comes a significant resource in calibrations, profiles and targets. Additionally, we offer onsite profiling, linearization and target matching with our technicians. Full software and instrument package options are available and include training on how to create your own color management solutions.