UV Printers

Revolutionize your print projects with advanced UV technology

The UV printer category offers a revolutionary approach to digital printing. These machines use ultraviolet technology to dry or "cure" the ink as it's being printed. Because the ink dries instantly, a UV flatbed printer 
or wide format UV printer can print on a variety of materials that traditional inkjet printers can't, 
including plastics, glass, metals and textiles.

Whether you're looking at large-format or small-format flatbeds tailored for product decoration and specialty applications, UV printers are the go-to solution for many of today’s modern printing operations. 

For those seeking larger scale solutions, grand format UV printers — both roll-to-roll and flatbed — cater to a range of materials, including vinyl and a variety of rigid substrates. They can produce everything in high resolution, from intricate designs on acrylics to more straightforward prints such as political yard signs.

Browse our selection below to explore key features, benefits and applications of the UV printers we offer.

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  • EFI PRO 32r+ Super Wide Format LED UV Printer
    EFI PRO 32r+ Super Wide Format LED UV Printer
    A 3.2-meter roll-to-roll giant, the Pro 32r+ is a blend of versatility and efficiency. It accommodates a range of printing needs, from outdoor banners to window clings. This wide format UV printer enables quick job turnarounds, giving businesses a competitive advantage.
  • EFI PRO 30h Super Wide Format Hybrid LED UV Printer
    EFI PRO 30h Super Wide Format Hybrid LED UV Printer
    The EFI™ Pro 30h hybrid LED entry-level production printer offers superior image quality, versatility, and productivity at a competitive price point.
  • EFI PRO 30f Super Wide Format Hybrid LED UV Printer
    EFI PRO 30f Super Wide Format Hybrid LED UV Printer
    One of many UV LED printers, the Pro 30f offers a generous 120" x 80" print area and is adept at handling media up to 4 inches thick. Renowned for its white ink quality, this printer offers versatility that extends to a variety of materials, including glass and wood.
  • Mimaki JFX600-2513 UV Inkjet Printer
    Mimaki JFX600-2513 UV Inkjet Printer
    The JFX600-2513 offers significantly enhanced speeds — over 300% faster than the JFX500-2131. This UV printer specializes in vivid colors ideal for indoor and outdoor signage, display graphics and numerous applications, such as retail displays, industrial products, decor, personalized items, photographic work and membrane panels.
  • Mimaki UJV55-320 Super Wide Format UV-LED Printer
    Mimaki UJV55-320 Super Wide Format UV-LED Printer
    A 128-inch roll-to-roll UV-LED printer, the UJV55-320 offers a seven-color ink palette (including white), great for transparent or colored media. It supports oversized graphics, can print simultaneously on two 60-inch wide rolls, and ensures consistent color under varied light conditions, ideal for day/night displays. 
  • EFI PRO 16h Wide Format LED UV Printer
    EFI PRO 16h Wide Format LED UV Printer
    Ideal for both overflow and specialty printing tasks. It's tailored to elevate profitability, supporting a variety of substrates. From wall decor and backlit signage to car wraps, this model ensures broad application reach, optimizing your offerings and satisfying diverse client needs.

UV Printer Features and Benefits

  • Versatility

    Print on diverse substrates, including rigid and flexible materials.

  • Durability

    Achieve resistance to outdoor elements and ensure greater longevity with UV inks.

  • Quality

    Deliver exceptional print clarity, vibrant colors and exceptional detail.

  • Efficiency

    Benefit from faster drying times for accelerated production rates.

  • Eco-friendliness

    Reduce environmental impact with lower energy consumption and faster curing times.

Common UV Printer Applications

  • Retail Signage

    From store signs to billboards
  • Promotional Products

    Keychains, pens and other promotional items
  • Decor

    Wallpaper, wall art and other interior design items
  • Packaging & Labels

    Custom product boxes and packaging materials
  • Product Decoration

    Hard products such as Zippo lighters, pop sockets, phone cases and more
  • Trade Show Displays

    High-quality visuals for booths, banners and backdrops
  • Industrial Printing

    Durable prints for manufacturing, machinery labels and more

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