Dye Sub / Textile Printing

Inkjet printing has many benefits for textile applications. The high print resolution and creative design is unlimited, meaning you can eliminate repeats and small run jobs and customized jobs can be printed profitably.

To take advantage of these benefits, you need the right solution. Understanding that printing on fabrics is a multiple step process with many pieces of equipment is crucial. ITNH specializes in putting those pieces together to best fit your dye sublimation printing application and budget.

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Printer Selection / Expertise

By partnering with leading manufacturers covering nearly every inkjet application for more than two decades, ITNH has an unmatched industry knowledge base.

Solution Consultation

We pride ourselves on providing the right solutions for the right application. By listening to your decoration needs within your current products and product lines and balancing them with your future plans, we can be sure to make the right recommendations for the right reasons.

One Stop Shopping

We take the guess work out of product and equipment pairings. From material preparation to boards, vinyls and other substrates down to the inks, maintenance materials and finishing equipment, ITNH is here for all your needs.

Service & Support

ITNH Inc is a full line, full service distributor with technicians throughout North America. In addition to our break/fix capabilities, our customers depend on us for full solution support including workflow, software and color management assistance.

Dye Sublimation with Disperse Dye

The soft signage, home décor, flag, furniture and fashion markets have seen remarkable growth due in no small part to the growing capabilities of today’s dye-sub printers and a widening array of available polyesters.

  • Transfer Printing
  • Direct Dye Sublimation

Direct to Textile Printing

Today’s fabric handling systems, technical and chemistry advancements continue to push the production capacity in the direct to textile marketplace. With varying chemistries specific for select fabric types, understanding the workflows and processes is critical for application success.

  • Disperse Dye
  • Acid Dye
  • Reactive Dye
  • Textile Pigment

Heat Presses

Whether curing textile pigments and pre-treatments or sublimating disperse dye, heat presses are an essential part of the fabric decorating process. Clam Shell presses are ideal for sampling and can be used for low to moderate volumes at varying sizes. For high volume scenarios, calendar transfer presses simplify the workflow and increase output.

  • Clam Shell
  • Large Format Table Press
  • Calendar Transfer Press

Textile Processing

Automatic pre-treatment machines provide consistent and repeatable solution delivery, ensuring the highest quality prints. In digital direct-to-garment ( DTG) printing, white ink requires the preliminary application of a pre-treatment solution to serve as the binder for the inks.


Steamers are an essential part of the fixation of textile dyes, as dry heat will not properly set the inks. Ink types that require steam fixation include:

  • Acid Dye
  • Reactive Dye